Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NZ White Rabbit toxic too

Lame, very lame. That is what I would say is the NZ's Food Safety Authority's (NZFSA) response to its discovery that China's White Rabbit lollies contained unacceptable levels of melamine (a compound used to make plastic). Instead of advising the public to stay away from eating White Rabbit, the NZ FSA should force retailers to remove this toxic product from our food aisles.

The NZ Herald reported today: that NZ FSA's testing found the presence of 180 ppm of melamine, the substance which has been implicated in the tainted baby milk powder scandal in China. "This is a serious concern" said Sandra Daly, NZFSA's Deputy Chief Executive.

"We have issued a Director General's statement advising people not to eat these products as we cannot discount the likelihood of health risks resulting from the consumption of these sweets. The product appears to come from a number of manufacturers via a number of importers and we are advising against eating any of these products."

I wonder why the government has not moved to ban the product altogether or make Asian retailers remove these off their shelves.


  1. I think they would have to eat a hell of a lot of these lollies to have a major health effect. And if they are eating that many lollies, they probably already have serious health problems.

    Maybe this is why they say we should have variety in our diet, so we don't eat too much of any one brand, just in case it's contaminated.

  2. Hm, I think, judging by how I used to eat these lollies, I could easily have half a bag myself...I did survived White Rabbit for years. Maybe the product was different back when I was a kid. Yeap, agree, moderation in everything...

  3. Is that why they taste so delicious? Everybody says that unhealthy foodstuffs taste great.


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