Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back in Hotel Starship

Latest news for family and friends

Princess of the House developed high temperature on Sat after an afternoon at a friend's birthday party. Hubby checked her into ED (emergency department). We are now back in hospital, on two different antibiotics (Gentamicin and Amoxycilin). Waiting for blood cultures and bile cultures to see what's brewing.

Princes of the House looks a bit tired today and worries she will not be able to get to tomorrow's first and only full-dress rehersals for the school's cultural festival on Wed and Thur night. She is in the Maori performance group. I can't wait to hear the kids sing "He Honore".

Nothing much to report. Outside the hospital, the city looks still and awfully silent. Ant-size cars can be spotted from our window. Spongebo and Patrick are having their inane conversations. Since we checked in at 1.30am this morning, I best get some sleep.


  1. got to know u on rocky bru's blog. sad to hear ur princess of the house is fighting a deadly illness. Practicing qigong may help. please visit and go through it systematically.

  2. I am not too sure whether you are the same person I remember from my days working at YTL. My former boss, Yeoh Soo Min, had a friend with the same name... any which way, I read about you from Rocky's blog. I am also sorry to hear about your little girl. It cannot be easy!

  3. i follow the link from rocky bru's blog and so happen that the magical queenstown photo on your page. sorry to hear about your daughter. if there is a chance that you are residing in qtown , i'll like to invite for raya celebration ( Rumah Terbuka Otago) on 5th October 2008 in Dunedin. how can i get your email so that i can send you a proper invitation?

  4. Will keep Princess J in our prayers... Hope she gets well enough to attend the cultural festival :)

  5. Hi Yogi
    Yes, it's me. I've always wondered how you've been doing... and have been hearing odd pieces of news from "the guys".
    What a pleasant surprise to meet up again in cyberspace, thanks to Rocky.
    And how sad to learn of the Princess' illness. My heart goes out to your little darling.
    Please do drop me an email soon.

  6. Hi,

    sad to know about your princess of the house.

    I believed you will not be able to remember you for the last time I talked with you was when i was in Brisbane and you were at the other side of Australia.

    I did try to call you from London but could not get through. And that was about 10 years ago.

    Just passing through here from rocky's bru.

  7. Followed the yellow brick road from Rocky's blog -- hope you and family are well as can be. Email me, DAUGHTER!!! Peluxxxx

  8. My dear Yoke Har
    Yes,been wondering how you are! Now, I know you have been braving quite a bunch of emotions. I now you are strong, determined and philosophical as you have always been, and I hope your Princess has inherited your robust fighting spirit!
    Do drop me an email at, if you have time.. And do take care..
    MF Yee

  9. Venetia, are you! Lovely to know you are still there. Yes, SM and I are still in touch after all these fact we met up when she last came to Auckland. How are you...send us news!

    Tks for your wishes..:O)

  10. Aky103 - Salam...Many thanks for your kind invitation. The Queenstown pix was taken 2 years ago when my aunties from Malaysia came, and we visited the magical place. Princess and Hubby and I were to go on a ski trip in April school hols, tapi had to cancel as Princess fell ill from Colingitis (infection in her bile ducts). We plan to visit again..shall look you me at
    We live in Auckland but have 3 tickets to Queenstown waiting!

  11. Vernon Emuang - I have been lost without a "father" for years..where have your been...Been sick in my stomach for years as I couldn't locate your contact and lost Charzl Chan's as well...Email me at

    Yee Mee Fah - OMG, the grande still around, email me when you time...same address as above...

    Same goes to KH - send us news...I can't find your email on your blog lah..


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